Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Abandoned Project

Dear readers,

as you realized, I have not updated this translation for over 2.5 years.

my work and life keep me so busy and given the fact that I've stopped learning and studying the language (I only learned until intermediate level), I feel that my ability to keep translating is not enough.

until I think that I could keep translating this to some certain standard that I set, I will not continue this project.

Sorry for that.

And thank you for keep waiting all these years :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Koizora Chapter 4 Page 12

"Don't worry. I'll be alright!"

Hearing those meaningful words from Hiro, I smile while looking at Hiro and Nozomu.

The reason behind those meaningful words are,
because the other will soon know about it...

Since then several days have passed,
I am going to school as usual

Like usual, Tatsuya is not seen in the classroom.

Is he still going back the hospital??

Since morning, the teacher are so fussy about the toilet's window glass incident.

Today the white papers
are also distributed.

I think I found the culprit.

The culprits are Hiro and friends...

But I could not write it on that paper.

I could not betray Hiro whom I really love.

The white papers are also distributed today. I think it would continue forever...

At night,
I am watching TV at home when the phone rings.


"Hell... Ah, Teacher!!"

It is the homeroom teacher.

"Ah, this is Mika?"

"What do you need, Teacher~??"

"There is something that I want to ask Mika, will you answer me honestly?"

"... Huh...?"

"About the incident in the boys' toilet, today they distributed papers right? Did you write something on it?"

"I don't write anything..."

"In one of the paper, it is not Mika who wrote [I know the culprit but I don't want to tell] right?"

Koizora Chapter 4 Page 11

Our teacher distributed a piece of paper to each of us in the class room,
and started talking with a serious face.

"In here, maybe there is a person who broke the window but don't want to admit it, or a person who know who did it but don't want to say it. So I want you to write in this paper the information that you know. If the culprit is here, it is okay to admit it anonymously, but I want you to come forward."

Is there any person that willing to admit??
If Mika was the culprit, I would absolutely pretend that I don't know anything.

Because I don't know anything, I leave my paper blank.

When I go home,
after quite a while we, together with Aya and Nozomu, hang out at Hiro's house.

"Today's school meeting was boring~!"

"Ah~ I don't understand what's it about~! The teachers were so desperate"

Nozomu and Aya look sluggish.

"Who is the culprit~!!"

Looking at Mika who is interested in it,
Nozomu gives an intrepid smile.

"We know about it, right Hiro?"

"Yeah~ we know"


Aya leans her body.

"The culprits are me~ and Hiro and Taka and Shou!"

"Nozomu you bastard. You blabber too much"

"You are the one who did it?"

Hiro quickly answer
to Mika who is asking with her eyes wide opened.


"Really? If they find out, we will get suspended!"

Aya has
a worried look in her face.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Koizora Chapter 4 Page 10

During the suspension of those two,
Tatsuya kept in touch with me because he was worried about the relationship between Hiro and me.

Even though I knew that Hiro was burnt with jealousy,
I still depend with Tatsuya's kindness...

My worries were listened by Tatsuya,
I was so happy talking with him during the break time.

Because of that Tatsuya and Hiro were fighting and suspended...

I apologized many times to Tatsuya
But he forgave me and said to not bother about that.

Hiro also contacted me,
and he honestly talked about the harassment his ex did,

[Sorry for hurting you]

He apologized many times like that.

Mika who didn't say anything
was also at fault...

A week had passed after the fighting
Hiro came back to school but Tatsuya didn't.

According to the rumour, Tatsuya's nose was broken,
so he hadn't come back to school.

He didn't say anything at all from his messages...

At that time
A rarely held school assembly was conducted.

The content was
"About a week ago there was someone who broke the window glass in men toilet.
We would not be angry, so honestly announce yourself"

It's about that.

The teachers felt anger.
There was no one honestly announce himself,
and all the students finally went back to the class room in groups.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Koizora Chapter 4 Page 9

"Don't play with me!"

*hitting sound*

Raising a thick voice, Hiro hit Tatsuya on his face with his fist.

Tatsuya was a bit unsteady but he quickly went back to his position
While trying to hit Hiro's cheek back, he shouted

"Mika is hurt because your ex-girlfriend is harassing her. She is worried so much she wanted to die. You do not break up with her properly, don't you!"

Ting tong ting tong

Perfect timing
The bell rings.

Hiro spitted on the floor,
while glaring at Tatsuya, he went out of classroom

After assuring that Hiro had gone
I rushed over to Tatsuya's side.

"Are you okay? Sorry..."

Tatsuya laughed while pressing his cheek with his hand.

"It's enough!"

After that during class,
there's a message from Hiro

[About that thing, is it true?]

The answer was only one word.


The messages kept coming.

[Were you being harassed?]

I didn't answer.
It's a bother to explain it...

When the class was over, I looked at the PHS
there was a message from Hiro though he knew that there would be no reply.

[Let's talk when we back home]

I couldn't talk to Hiro on the way back home that day.

I didn't know why but the teacher knew about the fight,
and those two got suspended for two weeks...